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Thank you to Thornton Community News

What a cracking little magazine the Thornton Community News is.

Anything you need to know about whats happening in Thornton is in this invaluable FREE magazine.

Their website is


I also want to thank Mrs Scott for her kind words in this months publication


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About me

I was born and bred in Blackpool, moved to Poulton Le Fylde in the 1980’s and then to Thornton Cleveleys in 1995.

I am married to Paul, and between us we have three children and one adorable grandson.

I am in partnership with Michael Chadha in a publishing business. We provide personal safety books for young children, which include topics such as bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, dangers of smoking, running away from home, alcohol abuse, road, fire and cycle safety, mobile phone bullying and many other topics which affect young people today. We have been successfully producing these books since 1995.

I have always been interested in politics but not been able to participate until recently. Time is a little more on my hands and I want to put a  bit back into society. It was a great surprise, and delight that I was elected for Bourne Ward and I will do my very best to make a difference.

The best thing about being a councillor is to be able to do something for local people, be it rubbish collection, traffic problems, litter,or just listening to peoples problems, whatever age group,  is very rewarding… I am on a few committees which is very exciting as I feel I can now make that small contribution, and maybe difference to the people who voted for me.

Having been a councillor for only 18 months, it is difficult to find a negative aspect as we have  a wonderful council and excellent efficient officers who are always happy to help.
Wyre Borough council rate extremely highly in the national ratings, we have a fantastic Borough to live in, with diverse landscapes, sea, open spaces, rivers and countryside, excellent shopping facilities, fantastic schools and so much more. 

If  I was in government, I would have a zero tolerance against drugs ,crime and introduce more stringent methods of discipline. 

These are the issues that are instrumental in bringing our country into major disruption. We need to deal very strongly with these problems… longer prison sentences and life should be life for murderers.

Also I detest people who  drink and drive and cause death and injury through it. These people get off too lightly, they should be dealt with in a very unsympathetic way.

Life sentences, and NEVER to drive again.

My most admired politician was Margaret Thatcher. Controversial I know, but this lady had a vision. an unwavering vision. She saw things through to the end and was never distracted. Iron lady? Thats what we need more of today. Politics are too liberal now, too much in touch with human rights, what about the human rights of the victims of crime?

If I was Prime Minister the first thing I would do is get all the British soldiers out of Iraq and Afghanistan and stop this useless waste of lives of our brave young men and women.

My favourite film is Bridges of Madison County with Meryl Streep and Clint Eastwood. I can weep buckets even before I put the film on. I have original posters, and even a piece of the Roseman Bridge (which is the bridge featured in the film).  One day I will visit  Madison County.  Well.. that is what my husband has promised me.. 

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